After locating a functional public Webcam, the one installed at El Parc Cientific i Tecnologic in Lleida (webcam), we hung one banner with an eye right in front of the camera, just in the middle of the field of view of the webcam. In this case without seeking permission neither to hang or to use the webcam image in the website of the project, where you were able to see it live 24 hours a day. The images provided by the webcam were downloaded and archived, at varying intervals of 3-9 seconds. Eye was there for more than 23 days of October and a total of more than 325,000 photos were stored.

Webcams or public security cameras have always generated controversy for security and privacy. This problematic is actually being extended to photography shared publicly in social networks, but seems that the collective consciousness do not perceived it as a threat yet. This action aims to relate the two worlds to establish common points.

Hanging day

24 Hours Observing