Observed(o) is a project about being watched, about being observed. Today cameraphone users are taking and constantly sharing pictures from everywhere and everyone. We all are observers and observed at the same time, everything is public. We are all living in this new environment, at any moment a picture including us maybe shared publicly in social media.

At the same time society seems to worry a lot about the privacy of our own image and data. This concern actually generates more reactions and comments than ever. But, on the other hand, it also seems we forget that because the current blast of photography images we are more exposed than ever.  Cameraphones and social networks are defining a new situation, more pictures than ever are shared daily, and these photographs are showing publicly  almost everything about us. Observed project is about this controversy.

The project will be presented for the first time during the month of October 2013  in public spaces throughout the city of Lleida. Project is designed to be seen on the streets and presented in a random wide field. In no case is linked to any exhibition hall or gallery, so it can’t be visited, is a finding that emerges unexpectedly, maybe more than once, for the audience. This website will be used to present the project and to make the compilation of all actions done. It will also include actions to be seen only online, considering that online world itself also as a public space.

A project by Jordi V. Pou


Lleida October 2013 / With the special collaboration of

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